Our story

How good things are made

We are proud of what we do and we do it with heart

We do good things with taste and that’s why Kozí vršok was created. In the beginning, there is goat, cow, and sheep milk of organic quality from local farmers. We process the milk naturally and without chemicals to keep as many nutrients as possible. In the production of cheeses and yoghurts we use modern technologies but we are not a factory. We follow traditional procedures and everything we produce goes through our hands. Literally. The result of this process is the real taste of milk in yoghurts, the honest taste of fresh or matured cheeses.

How we work

We work just as tirelessly and carefully as our ancestors. We take care of every step in which the cheese goes from the green meadow to you. We use traditional procedures proven by years and combine honest handwork with modern technologies, thanks to which we can bring good things of a first-class quality to your table every day.

Our suppliers

Milk is very healthy and rare, so we pay full attention to choosing the right suppliers. Our suppliers are farmers who do their work with love and their animals graze on green meadows, which is reflected in the quality and taste of the milk. This care is one of the cornerstones of the success of our cheeses.

Our procedures

The proper process of making cheese has not changed for millennia and it is very simple. When heating the milk, we add natural enzymes and then we process the cheese. Nothing else doesn’t belong to the cheese during this process. We stick to that. Adding vegetable fats to cheese makes it a worthless mass.